Art School Horažďovice - The Sea

The exhibition: October 19th – November 30th

The opening: October 19th at 4:30 pm

The Sea

“The Sea” (Moře), a new exhibit at Galerie Califia, examines water from every conceivable aspect. Water, as a subject matter, offers seemingly limitless inspirations and Califia’s latest exhibit is just one of them. The title, “The Sea”, depicts water as a whole as well as an individual element. It reflects on a the environment of water as home to range of creatures from plankton to whales, water as energy, water as an essential ingredient which provides shelter to all living things, water as the creative potential of many shapes – from the shape of waves to the shapes of shells and unicellular organisms, water as a space for perception, water for worshiping and drinking, water as a place for movement and life, a place for dreaming and fantasy, a time for stories. The exhibit also explores the sea through the eyes of children, felt by children, sensed and created by children.


Photos from the opening

Photos of the exhibit