Exhibition: June 7th – July 8th, 2012

Opening: June 7th at 6 pm

Opening words: Mgr. Karel Zrůbek, Mayor of Horažďovice

Artists: Students from the Bohemian Workshops (Merrtitt Fletcher, Michelle Duafala, Dana Ivins), Carolanne Patterson (USA), Štěpánka Šimlová (CZ), Jana Preková (CZ), Lisa Wulff (Norway)

Guests: Students from elementary school Blatenská, Horažďovice

This exhibition deals with things that are underground, unconscious, below water, below the surface, and otherwise ignored. Each artist has interpreted the theme according to their backgrounds and desires, which range from ethnograhic explorations of funerary masks, the work of Franz Kafka, dead flowers or as Norwegian Lisa Wulff writes about her series“Under the Surface”;” they are oil paintings on glass, and I put several layers of glass one behind the other. This means that some of the outer layers will (partly) cover up some of the things behind. Just like when you meet a person: The outer “layer” (looks, clothes etc) will cover up what is really interesting, namely feelings, experiences, thoughts,...”



Bohemian Workshops is a 3-week immersion program that explores the diverse intersection of art and sustainability. Based on the guild models of the Renaissance, this unique educational opportunity is presented as an alternative to the conventional classroom or studio experience. Participants work closely with mentors to develop critical perspectives about their chosen subject while gaining awareness of the contemporary culture of Czech Republic and issues of sustainability as related to creativity and the environment.







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