Dialogue 21

Opening: 6 pm

Date: November 17th, 2010 – May 13rd, 2011

It's been 21 years since we opened Dialogue Praha/Los Angeles in 1989. We are having a small (as compared to past megalomania examples) exhibition to commemorate this Turning of Age. We hope to bring all artists who have shown in past Dialogue's together for the first time. Several new artists will be invited this year; expanding our geographical definitions to San Francisco, California and Bratislava, Slovakia.

The exhibition opened on the anniversary of the "Velvet Revolution", November 17, and it will stay up until May 2011, when the region bursts into a parade of americana WWII military nostalgia commemorating General Patton's march thru our area to liberate Czechoslovakia from Nazi occupation. We will have memorabilia from past Dialogues: photo documentation, videos, etc in one large room. The dernissage on May 6 will bring a gala of music and video.

Duo MaM (Michael Delia – Mbira and Martin Alaçam – guitar) performed at the vernissage.

Participating Artits:

Lynn Aldrich
Dawn Arrowsmith
Barbara Benish
Michael Blažek
Erika Bornová
Mark Červenka
Jirka Černický
Tomáš Císařovský
Jiří David
Eva Jelínková-Sakuma
Jitka Havlíčková
Habib Kheradyar Zamani
Robert Kingston
Vladimír Kokolia
Daniel Martinez
Karl Matson
Leland Means
Jan Merta
Vladimír Merta
Štefan Milkov
Christian Mounger
Petr Nikl
Tomáš Ruller
Štěpánka Šimlová
Margita Titlová
Jeff Vallance
Marnie Weber
Alexis Zoto
Liz Young
Jim Uyekawa
David Wells
Deborah Lawrence
Alena Kotzmannova
Kim Abeles
Deborah Ascheim

Photos from the opening                                                      Photos of the exhibition